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Can Straight Teeth Make You Smarter or More Athletic?

March 18, 2012 News Comments Off

LAKEVILLE, SAVAGE AND PRIOR LAKE, MINNESOTA – As a parent, you likely have wondered about the self-esteem hit your child may take for having teeth that are out of alignment.

But have you ever worried whether his peers would think he wasn’t as smart or athletic if he didn’t have straight teeth?

A recent study by Virginia Commonweath University shows that dental aesthetics may also adversely shape perceptions of your child among his friends.

A study published in the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics in Sept. 2011 looked at how dental aesthetics play a role when teens judge their peers leadership, academic, social and athletic abilities, according to information posted on the U.S. National Library of Medicine website.

“The results were quite interesting,” says Dr. Trudy Bonvino, a Lakeville, Savage and Prior Lake orthodontist. “We hear all sorts of reasons about why children want orthodontic treatment or why parents what treatment for their children, but aesthetics are the most popular reason.”


How Early Do I Start an Oral Hygiene Regimen for my Kids?

December 19, 2011 News Comments Off

LAKEVILLE, SAVAGE & ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA – Parents of infants often wonder when is the right time to get their youngster into an oral hygiene regimen.

We’re glad they ask the question, because getting started on the right foot with good information can prevent trouble down the road.

“Good oral care should begin before a child’s first teeth appear,” says Dr. Trudy Bonvino, a Savage and Lakeville orthodontist who treats patients from throughout the area, including St. Paul.

Here at Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, we may not see your child until they’re age seven, but we want to provide parents will all the tools necessary to keep your children’s teeth healthy in the mean time.

Teeth Whitening Chewing Gums- Help or Hype?

November 25, 2011 Article Comments Off

SAVAGE, LAKEVILLE & FARMINGTON, MINNESOTA- No one wants dull, tainted teeth, but the drive to achieve a megawatt smile with uber-white appears occasionally to have overwhelming proportions.

Are those of us who turn to chewing gum for its teeth whitening capabilities desperate, delusional or actually on to a good thing?

People seem to be willing to try almost anything to get white teeth in short order, says Savage, Lakeville and Farmington orthodontist Dr. Trudy Bonvino. Certain brands of professional and over-the-counter teeth whitening gels, mouth rinses, toothpastes- and yes, even chewing gum- all claim to have teeth whitening capabilities.

Wired Magazine wrote in 2008 that one particular chewing gum maker that claims whitening capabilities includes sodium bicarbonate- otherwise known as baking soda – as one of the ingredients. Baking soda is mildly abrasive and discourages plaque development while cleaning teeth without harming tooth enamel.

Fact: Some Foods Fight Tooth Decay

November 15, 2011 Article Comments Off

SAVAGE, LAKEVILLE AND FARMINGTON, MINNESOTA – Dentists and orthodontists spend a great deal of time advising patients on combating the harmful effects that various foods can have on the teeth.

Because the holiday season is fast approaching and many people will indulge in lots of sugary sweets that can lead to tooth decay, this is a great time to educate you on the ability of some foods to actually fight decay, says Lakeville, Savage and Farmington orthodontics expert Dr. Trudy Bonvino of Cosmopolitan Orthodontics.

“There is a variety of foods that are good for you in terms of their decay-fighting abilities,” says Dr. Bonvino, who treats a variety of orthodontic problems in patients of all ages. “I suspect that many people aren’t aware of this.”



SAVAGE, LAKEVILLE AND MINNESOTA – We talk a lot in our Savage, Lakeville and Minneapolis orthodontics practice about the importance of having children evaluated by an orthodontist by age 7.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends it, as well as orthodontists throughout the country, but a common question asked by parents is “Why?” Many of you are curious as to what is so special about age 7 that makes it an ideal age for an evaluation.

Minneapolis orthodontist Dr. Trudy Bonvino, our orthodontist on staff at Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, has some answers. We’ll also describe some orthodontic conditions that can be detected- and often corrected- when discovered early on. [More]

How to Know if Invisalign is Right For You

March 12, 2011 News Comments Off

LAKEVILLE, ST. PAUL AND MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – Invisalign is a popular treatment option offered by orthodontists and some dentists, but how do you know if it is right for you?

Minneapolis orthodontist Dr. Trudy Bonvino of Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, a Lakeville and Minneapolis orthodontics practice, offers these three tips you can follow to help decide if you may be a candidate for Invisalign.

Understand the State of Your Teeth
An orthodontist can help you determine if you are a viable Invisalign candidate by considering the current state of your teeth, and whether you are a child who still is growing, or an adult seeking treatment. Knowing how you want your smile improved assists Minneapolis orthodontists in developing treatment plans. [More]

Savage Orthodontist Discusses Hyperdontia

July 21, 2010 Article Comments Off

SAVAGE, ST. PAUL AND MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA – In ideal situations, children are born with 20 primary teeth and 32 permanent teeth.

But sometimes children can be born with additional teeth other than the normal series of teeth we all should possess. These teeth are referred to as supernumerary teeth and the condition is called hyperdontia, said Savage Orthodontist Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, who owns Cosmopolitan Orthodontics, which has offices in Lakeville and Savage.

Orthodontist Dr. Trudy Bonvino, a Savage braces expert, serves as the orthodontist on staff at Cosmopolitan Orthodontics. She has treated several hyperdontia cases at the Lakeville and Savage orthodontics offices since the practice opened in June 2009. [More]